New Requirements for Obtaining a California Driver’s License

As of July 2017, Au Pairs are now required to provide two documents for proof of California residency, instead of one. All residency documents must list the person’s first and last name and the address must match the address listed on the driver’s license application.

The DMV is NOT accepting the participation letter from Cultural Care as the au pair’s proof of residency. They do, however, accept an original letter sent by the Social Security Office along with the envelope the au pair received her social security card in that shows the host family address. The second proof of residency can be a bank statement with the au pair’s name/address or a cell phone contract/bill showing that the au pair was added to the host family’s phone plan.
I always recommend that Host Families take their Au Pairs to the Social Security office immediately upon arriving so they are not delayed in getting their driver’s license and bank account.


Thursday, 14 September 2017 5:02 PM


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